Our world has been radically transformed by digital technology – smart phones, tablets, and web-enabled devices have transformed our daily lives and the way we communicate. Medicine is an information-rich enterprise. A greater and more seamless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure, created by electronic medical records (Hospital EMRs), encompasses and leverages digital progress and can transform the way care is delivered and compensated. With Hospital EMRs, information is available whenever and wherever it is needed.


Hospital EMRs Improve Information Availability

With Hospital EMRs, patients' health information is available in one place, when and where it is needed. Providers have access to the information they need, at the time they need it to make a decision.

Hospital EMRs Can Be the Foundation for Quality Improvements

Reliable access to complete patient health information is essential for safe and effective care. Hospital EMRs place accurate and complete information about patients' health and medical history at providers' fingertips. With Hospital EMRs, providers can give the best possible care, at the point of care. This can lead to a better patient experience and, most importantly, better patient outcomes.

Practices also report that they utilize extracted reports on patient and disease registries to track patient care as well as facilitate quality improvement discussions during clinical meetings.

Hospital EMRs Support Provider Decision Making

Hospital EMRs can help providers make efficient, effective decisions about patient care, through:

Improved aggregation, analysis, and communication of patient information

Clinical alerts and reminders

Support for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions

Built-in safeguards against potential adverse events

Health Care Convenience Matters

Providers with busy practices—and patients with busy lives—appreciate convenience in their health care transactions. Hospital EMRs can help. For example, with e-prescribing, patients can have their prescriptions ordered and ready even before they leave the provider's office. Providers and their staff can often file insurance claims immediately from the provider's office. And providers may be able to access patient files or submit prescriptions remotely—from home or while on vacation.


Benefits of our Hospital EMR Include: 


Simple to use at the point-of-care, with minimal training required


Manage patient information across registration, point of care, investigations, and billing


Host and operate at the hospital site, requiring no dependence on the Internet


Allows for unique workflows and processes based on each hospital's needs


Our Hospital Hospital EMR can be used on a variety of devices, including tablets and laptops


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