We believe that micro-finance is the sustainable development solution, and that by providing appropriate technology for micro-finance, we are doing our part to help the 2.5 billion people without access to banking services.

Micro-finance demands simple and adaptable technology. We've created a modular technology to meet the needs of organizations all over the world.

We believe in our clients, and offer affordable services to small institutions in the hope that we'll be able to grow alongside them.

We believe in the development of our software technology. It offers flexibility; allowing any one to perform any modification at any time, and any place, and increasing the chances for useful software evolution.  It offers security and also offers balance.

In terms of client management, we:

  • Track and print client data in our simple, single-page KYC section.
  • Define custom data fields yourself with multiple formatting options.
  • Increase your efficiency with credit scoring capabilities.
  • Upload and manage pictures and signatures related to your clients.
  • Use our client mapping extension to improve field efficiency and view the geographical distribution of your clients.
  • Upload and track scans of official documents such as ID cards and business licenses within the system.

In terms of performance: 

  • A user-friendly interface with daily alerts and productivity indicators.
  • Streamlined workflow allows you to disburse a new loan in under one minute .
  • Print customized contracts, receipts, and other documents straight from the system.
  • Track your progress with Key Performance Indicators displayed on an interactive dashboard.
  • Keep a close eye on risks using our rich library of standard and customizable reports.
  • A team of highly qualified micro-finance and technology specialists always ready to advise you on improving your financial institution's efficiency.

In terms of Savings:

Create a new savings account and receive the first deposit from the client in under two minutes:

  • Open and close savings accounts with ease, using a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Perform transactions including deposits, withdrawals, transfers between accounts, and more.
  • Implement mandatory savings on demand.
  • Streamline work with worry-free end-of-day processes.
  • Upload and track scans of official documents such as ID cards and business licenses within the system.
  • Readily manage term deposits.
  • Event tracking in a dedicated tab enables you to monitor and print transaction histories.

In terms of Security and Backup:

  • Control who uses your software and why with user roles management.
  • Be confident in your security with password protection functions.
  • Use our audit trail function to review actions performed in the system.
  • Take control of your data using the onsite self-backup feature .
  • Increase the security of your system by using secure off-site data replication managed by our highly experienced technicians.
  • Go mobile with banking in the Cloud - your software is safe, and all backups and security tasks are performed for you by the UGAS NETWORK team.


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