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Since its inception, the UGAS NETWORK school ERP software has had significant impact on everyone involved in the running of schools and colleges. The benefits have been felt by school administrators, teachers, and student, staff and parents as well. The school ERP software is management software for schools designed to provide tools that enable smooth running of educational facilities by ensuring cost savings, efficiency as well as resourcefulness. Below are some of the benefits associated with school management using the ERP software.

 1. Technology Integration
The school ERP software has enabled technology to be integrated into education as the application is accessible through tables, personal computers, and smartphones. Such a school management system has eased the integration process using its easy-to-use platform that is beneficial to students and teachers.

2. Productivity
With such a management software for schools, administrators have been able to efficiently and accurately organise data and prepare management analysis which help improve on cost savings and decision making.

3. Flexibility
Students and teachers are able to communicate even when the schools are closed, say for summer. The school ERP software, therefore, enhances collaboration beyond the school environs. On the other hand, administrators, teachers, and non-teaching staff are able to share information using this school management software from anywhere, anytime.

4. Paperless Administration
ERP for schools has enabled things such as data filing become paperless since the software allows information to be stored on databases that not only increase data efficiency, but also data recovery. Students are also able to receive their assignments and other classroom related material in soft copy, thereby reducing the need of paper. This is beneficial in cutting costs as well as ensuring a clean, more sustainable environment.

5. Connections
Different departments in a learning institution are able to connect and share information through this school management software. The platform allows for a seamless integration of things like databases, where one department can be able to access another departments’ database.

6. Performance
When successfully integrated into a learning institution, ERP for schools software is able to enhance performance through reducing time wasted on retrieving information and things like filing documents.

7. Information Accessibility
The school ERP software makes accessing information more convenient. For example, students are able to access encyclopaedias and library books from their smartphones and computers. Teachers are able to issue research material conveniently as well using links and websites.

8. Student Participation
Overall, student participation is improved by ERP for schools. This is because as they use their smartphones on things like social media, in which they spend countless hours, they are able to access things like the library and do research using their smartphones using this platform. As a result, students are more likely to participate in acquiring knowledge and information.

Overall, successful implementation of UGAS NETWORK ERP for schools will not only improve the running of institutions and significantly cut down on costs, but also improve the quality of education. With such management software for schools, there is no reason at all as to why students might not be able to succeed in their education.

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